Project Partners

Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London

Central Saint Martins (CSM) is committed to the imaginative and ethical engagement of the arts, design and performance to effect real social, political and environmental change. It is part of University of the Arts London (UAL), one the world’s leading art and design educational institutions. It offers an extensive range of courses in art, design, fashion, communication and performing arts, with students frequently collaborating with creative industries worldwide, and as graduates going on to shape these industries. CSM’s state of the art facilities include studio theatres, gallery spaces as well as a library and archive for research into hundreds of years of the greatest artists and designers.


Winchester School of Art, Southampton University

Winchester School of Art (WSA) is recognised as one of the UK’s most progressive art and design institutions. It is based within the world-renowned University of Southampton, a member of the prestigious Russell Group. The campus is shared by more than 1,500 undergraduate and postgraduate students, making for a vibrant interdisciplinary community. Purpose-built workshops, studios and spaces are designed to promote creativity whilst meeting ever-evolving industry standards. Facilities include digital printing, screen-printing and laser cutting, an Apple authorised video-editing centre, and 3D printing/prototyping machines. WSA also has its own gallery, which showcases the work of its staff, students, and alumni while collaborating with a wider network of curators, artists and designers.


Arts and Humanities Research Council

The Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) funds world-class, independent researchers in a wide range of subjects from history, archaeology, digital content, philosophy, languages, design, heritage, performing arts, and more. The Arts and Humanities investigate the values and beliefs which underpin both who we are as individuals and how we undertake our responsibilities to our society and to humanity globally. They explore human interactions and the evolution of identities over time. They help us understand not only how individuals and societies operate, but why and with what consequences, both for themselves and for others. Our historical past, literary and artistic achievements, ability to translate across cultures, and the foundations of knowledge itself: these are all essential elements of Arts and Humanities research, and are crucial to our capacity to live together in an increasingly interconnected world.


External Partners