Student Fashion Film Project: ‘Keep Watching the Skies’, dir. Aditya Sahil Babbar, 2018

Aditya Sahil Babbar produced ‘Keep Watching the Skies’ as part of our student film project, responding to our fashion film workshop. He writes that the film ‘explores the perspective of three men aging from 18-30. They speak about their relationship to their traditional dress, each ranging from a different part of what has been summarized as ‘the East’. Each of their experiences being born in their native countries and coming to Britain has affected how they feel about their culture, religion and dress. Despite their sometimes sad and/or negative feelings they continue to have hope of being accepted. A key idea of the film is also the line been reality and fiction and thepower of words versus body language. In the media, specifically the west, the narrative is often repackaged as a tool to create a false image of the people of ‘the east’, and if the language is often different to what we speak we take what we are told as the truth. Here words/language are used as a tool in a similar manner, I wanted the viewer to rely on their eyes to see if the words match what the men are signing with their hands or with their facial expressions but truly one can never know for sure unless they too speak thelanguage. As each man speaks, the others are seen moving, breathing, being present, listening and acknowledging what the other is saying.’

In response to the workshop discussion, he noted:

‘It was interesting to get access to the view point of the industry practitioners, I really valued the feedback from the historians, I think I would have viewed the films quite one dimensionally had it not been for the historians to put everything into context, it also made the films a lot more interesting to sit and think what circumstances/ lifestyles/ situation/ mood must surround film and the viewers at the time.’

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