Student Fashion Film Project: ‘Tenant’, dir. Dean Hoy and Reece Sweeney, 2018

We’re pleased to post the next instalment of our student fashion films: ‘Tenant’, dir. Dean Hoy and Reece Sweeney.

In response to the workshop screening of historical fashion film that the film responded to, and following discussion with practitioners and academics, Dean said:

‘Having such an opportunity to look back into fashion film and its real roots, I loved how the discussion delved into the ideas of entertainment surrounding it at the time and its purpose then, in comparison to now. Hearing multiple opinions was extremely interesting, especially comparing the opinions of people with a more historical understanding compared to those who physically make films and even more so, the practitioners who often make commercial fashion films – it gave insightful viewpoints and allowed knowledge and understanding to be communicated responsively.’

Reece and Dean can be found at: